Restorative Energy Healing

for Sensitive Children

Nurturing your child’s physical, emotional & spiritual

well-being to foster a happy, balanced life -

with Carrie Antoniou, Intuitive Children’s Healer


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Could you or your child benefit from help with any of the following?


·          Feel less frustrated in everyday activities;

·          Reduced feelings of anxiety and overwhelm;

·          Make social connections more easily;

·          Improve physical wellbeing;

·          Identify & eliminate food sensitivities and allergies;

·          Increased emotional intelligence;

·          Deepened heart-to-heart connections with loved ones.


If you’re searching for answers to help resolve your child’s physical and/or behavioural issues or are searching for emotional healing and support to release the toxic thoughts and emotions that are preventing you from parenting mindfully then I believe you were guided to me for a reason.  As a short background, I emigrated from the UK to Australia over 12 years ago and my life has since taken many twists and turns.  I am now a proud mother of four beautiful children and recently published my first book 'Enlightenment on Toast' which came about as a result of a spiritual awakening that occurred amidst the challenges I faced as a new mother.  I know now without a shadow of a doubt that I came here to serve children & their mothers and to bring about positive and life-changing results for those who are suffering.


I envisage a different future for ourselves and our children; one where we focus on supporting independent, free thinking individuals; teaching values that are aligned with unity and fairness; leading by example by demonstrating an awareness of personal responsibility with regards to our thoughts and actions & how that relates to others around us and ultimately the world. I envisage children with unique gifts and talents no longer being disadvantaged by labels they are given in a society that fails to celebrate their uniqueness and condemns them for failing to fit into an outdated system.  I celebrate my own part in this puzzle, in bringing a deeper understanding and awareness to the issues that are becoming more prevalent and working with parents who are determined to raise their children in the light through conscious, mindful parenting.


I specialise in helping sensitive children, who are struggling with anxiety, health issues and behavioural challenges due to their unique way of seeing the world.  Some have been given diagnoses of ASD, ADHD and others haven’t.  I believe that irrespective of the label a child is given, that there are underlying reasons for the difficulties they are facing.  I also work with mothers in supporting them to let go of the emotional pains they have been holding on to, and to help release the frustration and anxiety they are experiencing through the challenges they face as a parent.


Over my years as a healing practitioner I have developed my own unique style of intuitive Body Code sessions to really uncover the underlying cause of many physical and behavioural issues that mothers and children face.  My work is done through a unique blend of different energy healing techniques where I work on the mental & emotional body, chakras and also tuning into a person's Higher Self to gather relevant information and guidance.  All healing work is conducted remotely and requires no physical contact as I will be working on the energy body only.  This also allows me to work with children all over the world who need my help. If, as a mother you are struggling to cope with the stresses of family life, or experience a seemingly irrational sense of anxiety, anger or frustration at the slightest of things then you may highly benefit from a Body Code session where I identify and release the trapped emotions and imbalances responsible for this sense of overwhelm.


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My Daily Guidance Cards were created to help awaken a child’s inner wisdom and provide insight & guidance in areas such as family, friendship, health and the environment.


I created the cards from a desire to teach my own children useful spiritual lessons such as mindfulness, compassion and gratitude in an easy to understand format.


Each boxed set includes 33 beautifully illustrated cards which can help connect a child to their inner spiritual guide and natural intuition, helping to provide practical guidance throughout the different stages of their life.


Cards can be chosen at random or read in sequence.

Carrie Antoniou, Author, Healer, Wellness Advocate, Queensland, Wish Healing, Brisbane, Australia, Guidance Cards, Emotion Code, The Real You
Carrie Antoniou, Author, Healer, Wellness Advocate, Queensland, Wish Healing, Brisbane, Australia, Guidance Cards, Emotion Code, The Real You



Bridging the Gap Between Spirituality & Parenthood.


Learn how to: take a mindful approach to parenting no matter what chaos is happening around you; share love and compassion with children even during challenging times; and stay connected with your inner calm so you can live a life of purpose.


This is a book for parents who are ready to awaken to their greater truth

and support children of an emerging paradigm.

Carrie Antoniou, Author, Healer, Wellness Advocate, Queensland, Wish Healing, Brisbane, Australia, Guidance Cards, Emotion Code, The Real You
Carrie Antoniou, Author, Healer, Wellness Advocate, Queensland, Wish Healing, Brisbane, Australia, Guidance Cards, Emotion Code, The Real You



This affirmation card with the words "I like myself. I love myself. I am enough" is intended to be placed somewhere it will be seen daily. Recommended for children age 3+. By repeating these words daily you are helping to create a healthy sense of self-worth, self-love and self-esteem. This will translate as increased confidence, happiness and emotional wellbeing. It also helps to directly tackle the common problem of bullying. A child that likes, loves and respects himself will neither bully another child, nor become a bully's victim.


These are great for children of all ages (and adults too!) reminding us that we don’t need to rely on external rewards to feel loved and to feel worthy. We are enough by virtue of the fact that we are alive. Nothing can add or detract from this innate worth that every human being has.

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