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2 Week Healing Program for Children


When the sparkle has gone from your child’s eyes and you know that something deep down is eating away at their sense of wellbeing, but standard options such as doctors, psychologists and therapists don’t feel like the right approach, this is where emotional healing comes in.  In as little as two sessions I can pin point the exact cause of a child’s sense of unease and release it just as easily, so your child can get back to being a child again.


My 2 week Daydreamer Program is the perfect solution for busy families who want fast answers to their child’s emotional issues without the need for intrusive questioning or time spent in waiting rooms, all the while adding more stress to their child.  My sessions are conducted remotely and involve a safe, innovative and non-invasive approach to children’s emotional challenges. The program is aimed at children with minor complaints which may include growing pains, headaches, food sensitivities and sleep difficulties.


It is also a great program for an overall ‘energetic’ health check-up for your child, allowing you to gain a better understanding of their wellbeing in different areas such as immune support, organ & gland function and parasite detection.  It releases any trapped emotional energy of past experiences that may be weighing on their hearts.


In this 2 week intensive I conduct a Wellness Assessment to gain immediate access to answers that are creating imbalance in your child’s life.  This is followed by 2 Intuitive Body Code sessions (conducted a week apart) releasing energetic imbalances such as trapped emotions & resonances that are preventing your child from experiencing optimal physical & emotional health.


It also includes 14 days of energetic balancing through daily healings and a set of Daily Guidance Cards for Children to start using with your child to bring more presence and connection into your life. Plus you will also receive a unique custom blend of high quality essential oils, flower essences and liquid crystals specifically chosen to support your child’s emotional wellbeing.


Within two weeks you will find out answers to your child’s niggling health issues, allowing them to experience an increased sense of wellbeing.  You will also gain a better understanding of how events in their life have shaped their current perspective, enabling you to support your child more fully with their emotional wellbeing.



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