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A Five Week Restorative Healing Program for Sensitive Children



What can I expect?


This is a 5-week children’s healing program unlike any other which includes;


• Non-invasive detection of food intolerances & allergies

• Release of emotional trauma that is creating behavioural issues

• Parasite detection

• Clearing of negative energetic programs & frequencies through intuitive energy healing techniques

• Immune & gut function support through detection of physical & emotional imbalances


Over a period of 5 weeks you will receive tools to help support your child as they receive personalised

intuitive healing sessions to address multiple issues, helping them to realign with their natural health,

vitality and happiness.


Who is it for?


This program is for sensitive children between the ages of 1 and 17 and has been created to meet

their unique needs which are identified in the initial Wellness Assessment. Your child may benefit if

they are currently facing any of these issues:


• Angry and impulsive behaviour, excessive tantrums, mood swings & irrational meltdowns;

• Food intolerances & allergies;

• Difficulty concentrating at school and following simple instruction;

• Sleep problems including night terrors, teeth grinding and bedwetting;

• Undiagnosed health challenges;

• Random aches and pains, such as headaches, stomach aches, earaches, growing pains etc.;

• Separation-anxiety, phobias, nail-biting, undue worrying; and

• Poor immunity resulting in frequent illness.


What does it include?


Set of Daily Guidance Cards for Children;

A unique custom blend of high quality essential oils, flower essences and liquid crystals specifically chosen to support your child’s emotional wellbeing;

Affirmation Card;

Allergy Affirmation Chart;

Hard copy of my book Enlightenment on Toast;

Wellness Assessment (fully documented with optional phone call to discuss results)

5 Intuitive Body Code Sessions* (1 hour sessions conducted remotely, fully documented)

*determined by your child's specific needs;

Daily energy balancing (conducted remotely);

Email support Monday-Friday 9-5.





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