There is a trap that many people get caught in. The allure of the ‘energy’ world is exciting and novel to those who have begun their journey of self-awareness and self-discovery. When people first learn of energy work, be it through reiki, psychic readings, past life regressions or perhaps a direct experience of Spirit itself, they become aware of a whole new world which is teeming with life. A life that was in front of them all the time hidden behind a veil, just beyond their vision (to most who weren’t born with clairvoyant abilities).

And so starts the journey within. Exploring new inner frontiers, discovering the chakras and energy meridians and finding out that areas in our life are reflected so accurately in our energy field is an exciting adventure.

And then the discovery of maleficent energy patterns captures our attention. We learn about energetic hooks, saboteurs, entities, curses, implants, cords, darts…. the list goes on. At first it can be overwhelming and frightening. Our ego is triggered. “Who did this to me?” it demands to know. “Who do I need to stay away from to protect my energy field?” becomes its next move. It can trigger an unhealthy addictive pattern to unveil the next hidden ‘weapon’.

Before we know it we are operating within our spirit bodies from the “I” of the ego. We believe we are progressing on our journey to enlightenment by clearing out the debris of the past and yet many stay caught in this loop of wanting to ‘ascend’ but being hampered by the messy energy of those around them and the energies so wrongly implanted in them by their fellow humans (or non-humans as is also the case). They become ever more vigilant of energetic threats around them and the world becomes a place to fear (which the ego thrives in).

This isn’t to say that energetic hygiene isn’t important. Gaining an in depth understanding of how your physical well being was created first in the energy body can be immensely useful in the reversal of symptoms and bringing the body back into wholeness. Also knowing that being around certain people isn’t conducive to leading a peaceful life can be useful in the early stages when self-care and self-love are only just beginning to blossom within.

But for those who are ready, the journey continues beyond the singular “I” that our ego would fool us into believing is all that matters. It goes beyond removing hooks, implants and saboteurs. Many energy healers take advantage of the fear these notions invoke in people and will insist that they can help them to be free from these harmful energies. This keeps people stuck at this level of energy work. They become dependant and are always seeking the next ‘fix’ from another healer to release the next hidden enemy planted within them.

They give their power away to someone who can ‘see’ more than they can. They believe that if they don’t continue on this path awful things will happen to them, that they will succumb to the entities and curses that are closing in on them. They will pay whatever cost needed to make sure this doesn’t happen (even if they can’t afford to).
This isn’t personal development or the spiritual path. In fact, any time you are drawn into fear when contemplating your wellbeing from the advice of another it is a red flag, alerting you that you are playing in the field of separation, duality and ego.

Now this isn’t to say that it’s not an important part of the human journey to become aware of and clean up our energy field. It is hugely important because when we release all that is not of the Divine within our energy field, we are acknowledging the sacredness of our human bodies that are here in this present moment, with the potential to be unique expressions of Source energy, of love. Energy work needn’t be done through following a modality or religiously visiting a practitioner. It can be done very simply by leading a life that accepts each and every moment with wisdom and grace, being ready to learn, to listen but most of all, living a kind and gentle life. A life committed to kindness will naturally raise a person’s frequency so that lower energetic ‘threats’ are transmuted effortlessly with no conscious effort. Working with an energy healer who empowers you and helps to reveal the patterns and lessons that have become repetitive in your life can be incredibly useful.

The spiritual path is one of remembering. It is on this path that we become observers of how our life and the people in it are so desperately trying to wake us up. We realise that the person we were avoiding because of their ‘toxic’ energy was in fact a reflection of our own toxicity that we have been refusing to deal with. When we understand that the entities that are attached to our own energy field are only there because we have forgotten how powerful and whole we are, they dissolve and we laugh at the seriousness we had gotten lost in.

When we are on the path of awakening we see every human as a comrade, an ally who is there to provide us with the next piece in the puzzle to our journey home. We transcend the need to worry about energetic barriers and protection when we come to KNOW in our hearts that we are one. There is a saying that no tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves and it is a great reminder that when we are caught in the ‘you versus me’ game we have forgotten our true nature of oneness.

As Rumi so eloquently wrote “We’re all just walking each other home”.